I AM – January News Letter



We can all breathe a sigh of relief as 2022 fades into the background and take tentative steps into the New Year full of hope. I pray that when we reflect on the last year, we will not only recall the difficulties we faced but also the ways in which we conquered them. Thank goodness for the kind souls who reached out to us, the supportive relationships that got us through, and the enduring bonds we established.

Yes, 2022 was challenging, but we gained so much wisdom through it. It taught us valuable lessons, and as a result, we are stronger today than ever before—as individuals, as workers, as entrepreneurs, and as members of our local community.

Thank you very much from everyone at I AM Medical Spas and Laser Centers. We want to express our gratitude for the unwavering love and support we’ve received, as well as the countless ways in which our customers and friends have come to our aid.

Blessings on the New Year!


Aesthetic PA-C, Injector, Aesthetic Laser Provider
We want to welcome Patrick Albrant to the I AM Team!!!

Patrick decided to go into the aesthetics field because he enjoys caring for patients and wants to help them look and feel great about themselves physically and emotionally. Patrick vowed to himself before beginning his healthcare career that he would always put his patients’ comfort and happiness ahead of his own. Patrick is passionate about aesthetics because the improvements his patient’s experience in their appearance and self-esteem can be seen almost immediately.

Patrick’s goal is to bring out the natural elegance and beauty that already exists in each of his patients.

Patrick’s healthcare career spans more than five years. In addition to his medical degrees, Patrick also has aesthetic injector certification.

When Patrick isn’t taking care of patients, he enjoys hanging out with his wife and two dogs, playing golf with his brothers (despite being terrible at the sport), and all things lacrosse.

Treatment With The Acne-Fighting EVO Laser

When talking to adults, acne is often mentioned as a top concern. It’s humiliating, which can add to the frustration and damage self-esteem. The Cartessa EVO Laser Treatment, fortunately, does wonders for acne-prone and acne-scarred skin by attacking the problem from the inside out. Acne can be helped in a couple of ways by using the EVO Laser.

In order to reduce the redness around your previously existing acne scars, the laser first causes the superficial blood vessels in your skin to collapse. Moreover, it encourages the cellular production of healthy collagen, which helps fade acne scars and refine the skin’s texture. Because it works at the cellular level, EVO Laser can treat acne because that’s where the problem originates (overactive sebaceous glands).

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