Laser Hair Removal – A Beginners Guide


Laser Hair Removal - A Beginners Guide

Laser Hair Removal – A Beginners Guide

When it comes to laser hair removal, everyone has concerns. I’m curious as to how much it will set me back. Is there any pain? In what way does it function? Are we seeing any results? Does it merit the cost? The purpose of this blog is to address these concerns and educate readers about laser hair removal.


Most clients don’t think “Laser Hair Removal” is cheap; rather, they think “expensive.” The industry standard, but not for us at I Am Medical Spas. We guarantee that our memberships and packages won’t empty your bank account. What sets I AM Medical Spas apart is that we prioritize helping you save both time and money. On our website and social media channels like Instagram, you can always find fantastic discounts and freebies. Look at what we have here, and if you like what you see, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for exclusive offers.


Most patients are concerned about experiencing pain and discomfort. I AM Medical Spas is dedicated to providing a relaxing environment for our guests. Some have likened the sensation to the snapping of a rubber band on the skin. Everyone has a different pain threshold, but most people can handle and appreciate the benefits of getting rid of painful ingrown hairs or minor cuts sustained while shaving.



Among the many crucial aspects of laser hair removal, this is often overlooked. Preventing unwanted reactions to your treatments requires meticulous attention to skin health.

Shaving the treatment area prior to entering is required. If the hair is closely shaved off, the laser can more precisely target the hair follicle below the skin’s surface rather than above it.

Don’t forget to use I AM Skincare’s Restorative Gel before and after your procedure. You can get the results you want because it hydrates, calms, and repairs the skin after treatment. (It’s also great for soothing and speeding healing from sunburn, and minor cuts and scrapes.)

When getting laser hair removal, it is imperative that you use sunscreen. Zinc oxide is a key ingredient in many mineral sunscreens, so it’s important to use one of those to prevent sun damage. Your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and heat will be at an all-time high during your laser treatments. Inadequate treatment intervals can result from even brief sun exposure (we want to avoid adverse reactions the best we can, even if that means rescheduling your treatment). If you follow all of those steps, you’ll have the best possible time and see the most beneficial outcomes.


MYTH: That laser hair removal is harmful to the skin.

The hair follicle is the only part of the skin that gets damaged during laser hair removal. Because the laser kills the follicle, hair won’t grow back. Temporary redness and puffiness of the skin is possible, but it subsides quickly. If you take the necessary precautions before and after your treatment, it is completely risk-free.

MYTH: No matter what color your hair is, you can use a laser hair removal system.

While it’s true that we can treat any hair color, the treatments may not be as effective on lighter hair (blonde, red, gray, white). The laser is selective, and only affects the dark melanin pigment found in hair. In general, darker hair colors fare better.

MYTH: Laser hair removal only requires a single session.

In order to achieve the best possible results from laser therapy, it is necessary to undergo multiple sessions. The typical duration of care is between three and eighteen months. Why? Every part of your body has a slightly different hair-growth schedule. Only follicles that are actively growing will benefit from the laser treatment. We keep tabs on your cycles and set you up with the ideal schedule so that all of your treatments fall on their respective peak growth times. Since each person is different and reacts differently to treatments, it is impossible to give a universally accurate estimate of how long it will take before you start seeing improvements.

MYTH: It takes a long time to remove hair with a laser.

The truth is, we want to help you save time because we know how valuable your time is. Appointments typically last between fifteen and twenty minutes (slightly more if you come in to treat your full body). Our laser technicians have been extensively trained to minimize your time in the office without sacrificing quality.


To get the best results from your laser treatment, be sure to follow your laser technician’s pre- and post-treatment instructions. This includes, but is not limited to, showing up to your appointments on time, being clean-shaven every time, staying out of the sun, telling your technician about any medications you’re taking, wearing sunscreen and Restorative Gel, and so on. A successful laser hair removal session is guaranteed if you follow these steps.