The key to successful laser hair removal is to take special care of your skin. However counterintuitive it may seem, the quality of your skincare routine has a significant impact on the final product you get from your treatments. Adverse reactions and unintended outcomes may occur from using the wrong skincare routine.


Even though the laser doesn’t cause any harm to the skin, it’s still important to help it recover afterward. To maintain healthy skin, moisturizing before and after treatments is mandatory. Red bumps are common after the treatment, but moisturizing can help calm the skin and speed up the healing process so you can get back to your regular routine. We have a Restorative Gel that works faster than regular moisturizer to repair and calm your skin. In most cases, it reduces the negative responses patients typically have after receiving treatment.


When you exfoliate, you get rid of the dead skin cells that have accumulated and are blocking your pores, preventing the growth of new, healthy skin cells. The skin’s surface can become bumpy if exfoliation is neglected. The presence of these dead skin cells hinders the effectiveness of laser hair removal by preventing hair from shedding. Moreover, these dead skin cells can act as a barrier between the laser and the skin, reducing the effectiveness of the treatment. Results can be enhanced by exfoliating the treatment area once or twice weekly.


The sun is not on your side during laser hair removal. It is important to use sun protection every day, even in the winter, to avoid any unwanted effects. Overheating from the laser could happen if you’ve been in the sun for a long time and your skin is already too hot. Avoiding the sun isn’t practical but protecting yourself from sunburn and tanning that would otherwise prevent laser treatment is easy with proper sunblock products. To put it simply, we care about you getting the best possible results, and that includes keeping your body at a safe temperature and avoiding any negative reactions.

Avoid spray tans and sunless tanning products before getting laser hair removal. The laser hair removal process can cause burns and discoloration from the products’ chemicals. Tell your technician the truth about your use of these products; starting treatment too soon can have dangerous consequences.

Your laser hair removal treatments will be as effective as possible if you follow the advice provided here as well as the pre-and post-treatment care instructions on the website.